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The Crew

From Left to Right:

Jerry Mason (Lead Mechanic), Larry Lumpkin (Team Coordinator), Pete Scholl, Jordan Brown, Joe Shetterly, and Jeff Linebaugh. 

Larry "Lumpy" Lumpkin

The Commemorative Air Force assigned Larry as the Primary Sponsor and Aircraft Coordinator for Gunfighter. Lumpy leads the team that keeps Gunfighter on tour.


Lumpy began his flying career in 1979 as a Flight Instructor in Omaha, NE after serving in the US Air Force. He instructed for 2 years while attending college. He began flying a variety of business aircraft as a corporate pilot until he joined a major airline in 1986. He recently retired as an Airbus A320 Captain and has accumulated over 27,000 total hours of flight time, of which over 1,200 hours are in the P-51 Mustang. 


Lumpy has flown the Commemorative Air Force P-51 Gunfighter for 20 years. He has also flown two other WWII era fighters the F4U-4 Corsair and the British Hawker Sea Fury. He holds an unrestricted Statement of Aerobatic Competency in the P51 and T6 Texan. Larry is married and resides in Ocala, FL.


Jeff "Linedog" Linebaugh

Jeff is a sponsor and pilot, performing aerobatic and formation demonstrations in Gunfighter, as well as flying ride flights.


Jeff became enamored with aviation at a young age. As a second generation pilot, his fondest childhood memories involve flying to airshows with his father. Jeff began flying before he was 13. He flew solo turning 16, before legal to drive by himself. Jeff worked his way through college as a corporate pilot, and a flight instructor. He then joined the USAF where he was Top Graduate from USAF Pilot Training and Instructor Pilot Training. He served for 8 years, receiving awards for being the Instructor Pilot of the Year and Top Instrument Pilot of the Year from the Headquarters for Training Command. He currently is a Boeing 767 Captain for a major cargo airline. Jeff has been flying Gunfighter for 15 years, and has given over 800 rides in the P-51. In addition to Gunfighter, Jeff has flown 80 different aircraft types, including the CAF's B-29 "Fifi". The pinnacle of his aviation career though is flying this P-51 Mustang. Jeff considers it a great honor to be able to display this airplane. Jeff has two daughters, and lives in Port Orange, FL.


Joe "Rifle" Shetterly

Joe “Rifle” Shetterly is a pilot and sponsor for Gunfighter, flying ride flights and aerobatic displays.


Taught to fly by his father, Joe first soloed an airplane on his 16th birthday and earned his private pilot’s license at 17.  He flight-instructed his way through college and was selected for U.S. Air Force pilot training.  Joe was given the callsign “Rifle” by squadron mates on his first assignment flying the A-10 Thunderbolt II. Rifle later flew combat missions and served as the Air Force’s A-10 Demonstration Pilot - flying nearly 250 demonstrations across North America and abroad.  Rifle has also flown more than 300 aerobatic performances in civilian aircraft - holding an unrestricted waiver for solo and formation aerobatics in multiple aircraft types.


Rifle currently flies the Boeing 757 and 767 for a major airline and continues to serve as an A-10 instructor pilot in the Air Force Reserve. Rifle has more than 7000 hours in 140+ different makes and models. Rifle is married, and with two sons resides near Kansas City.


Pete "Doctor" Scholl

Pete “Doctor” Scholl is a pilot and sponsor for Gunfighter, flying ride flights in Gunfighter.

Pete grew up in Minneapolis, MN, starting his aviation journey as a teen volunteering with the Planes of Fame East Air Museum.  This began his long association with WW II aircraft and led to earning his Private Pilot’s License in college. Pete entered the USAF and earned his wings.  He retired after over 20 years, serving as an F-16C instructor/evaluator with combat missions in Iraq, and Afghanistan.  Pete flies for a national airline and recently passed the 10000-hour mark.

Pete has been active with the Commemorative Air Force since 2002.  In addition to flying Gunfighter, Pete flies the B-17G “Sentimental Journey” as well as the B-25, SNJ, and C-47.  Flying “Gunfighter” is truly a dream come true for Pete, and he is thrilled to be able to honor our history and veterans through helping preserve and operate these aircraft at airports and airshows throughout the country. Pete currently resides with his wife in Phoenix, Arizona. 


Jordan "Snickers" Brown

Jordan Brown is the newest member of the Gunfighter team.  In addition to the Mustang, he is currently qualified in the C-47, C-45, B-25, T-6, TBM, B-29, PBY-5A and B-17.  Having completed the best Mustang training in the business, he is well equipped to provide you the ride of a lifetime.  


Jordan grew up listening to B-17 stories from his Grandfather's experiences in WWII. His passion & dedication to flying began at age 14 when he traded mowing the local airport grounds for 2 hours of instruction per week.  He went on to solo on his 16th birthday, received his pilot’s license at age 17, and the rest is history! Jordan is married to Nicole, they have two sons (both pilots!) and resides in Center Point, IN.  Their family currently owns & operates their own fleet of warbirds and are all actively involved with the CAF and its mission: to Educate, Honor & Inspire.  Jordan is currently serving as Chief of Staff of the Commemorative Air Force. He has been on the General Staff for the past 5 years, as well as having served in multiple roles at other units and wings over the past 12 years. 

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