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Honoring our Veterans

Our mission is to honor the sacrifices of those who have served and inspire the next generation of aviators.

Why We Endeavor to
Keep Her Flying...

By touring with Gunfighter, we are able to help veterans' families reconnect with their loved ones and educate the public on the contributions made by the "Greatest Generation."


There is no greater reminder of the ingenuity and might of the American people than the P-51. The first Mustang was designed and built in less than 4 months... a feat that could not be equalled today! At the peak of production, a new Mustang was completed every 66 minutes! Over 15,000 Mustangs were produced during the war. Of those 15,000, only about 150 remain airworthy.  


We consider it a huge privilege to fly and maintain Gunfighter. To see the looks on veterans' faces, to experience the joy and sorrow of family members seeing a Mustang for the first time... It makes the hundreds of hours spent by our team each year making it possible all worthwhile!​

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Share Your Story

Your stories are a powerful way to honor and preserve the legacy of our heroes. By sharing your story, you help keep their spirit alive and inspire future generations. Together, let's celebrate the courage, sacrifice, and dedication of our veterans.

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