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5/25/2013 We've updated our 2013 schedule. It's a rough year this year for Airshows, but we're excited for the opportunities we have to fly this year!

Welcome to P51gunfighter.com! We're proud to bring you a website dedicated to the North American Aviation P51-D mustang known as, The Gunfighter. We look forward to bringing you some great information and pictures about The Gunfighter, it's history, and when it will be near you.

The Gunfighter specs

Plane: P51-D Mustang - Serial # 44-73264
Manufacturer: North American Aviation
Service:March, 1945 - 1956
Length: 32 ft 3 in
Wingspan:37 ft 0 in
Height:13 ft 8 in
Ceiling:41,000 feet
Powerplant:Rolls-Royce Merlin V-1650-7 supercharged V-12, 1,490hp

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